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17 Jul 2017
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Using Hair Loss Regrowth Products


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Posted By Lillian M.

Is the thinning hair you are noticing serious enough to require hair loss regrowth products? Just about everyone will notice some amount of thinning of their hair before the age of 50. Yet not everyone ends up with serious hair loss problems. So how do you know if you are one the millions of people who can benefit from hair loss regrowth products or if your hair will be a little thinner, but basically stable?

It doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman you can find a product that will be significantly helpful in preventing more hair loss and helping stimulate the growth that used to be more of a myth than a reality. Yet, the more we know about hair growth and loss the more we are able prevent the perpetual loss that leads to balding.

You want to find a hair loss regrowth product that will stimulate the roots of the hair follicles. Hair loss is often the result of more follicles that have slowed or stopped producing normal hair growth than those that are healthy and are continuously reproducing.

With a combination of time, chemical treatment, and genes the overall health of your hair follicles begins to suffer. Some people are lucky and have some strong hair genes that can help prevent significant loss that leads to chronic thinning and balding. However, not all of us are that lucky. Sometimes there is a combination of issues that leads to very early hair loss, and thus premature balding for both men and women.

The hair is naturally designed to fall out. The scalp is equipped with enough hair follicles to be able to replace the hair that has fallen out. Since your childhood this has been the pattern of hair growth that your head has experienced.

As your scalp ages and succumbs to the genetic make up of your body and deals with the results of years of chemical treatments, the reproduction process of the follicles can slow down if it doesn't stop altogether. This is how balding occurs.

The hair is a constantly changing part of the human body. As your hair cycles through normal changes you can be sure that you will notice thinning throughout your life. Almost everyone experiences a certain amount of hair loss as they approach their thirties and forties. Sometimes the hair thinning is minimal and only really noticeable to you. At other times it strikes fast and hard and it seems like overnight you have more hair collecting in the drain of the shower than on your head.

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By Lila H. on JUL 19 2017 @ 8:11PM

How far are we from hair growth treatments that really work?

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