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24 Jul 2017
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New in Plastic Surgery: Virtual Reality Breast Augmentation Software


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Posted By Rebekah E.

Plastic surgeons are turning to new computer technology and fast digital imaging techniques to drastically improve the results and client satisfaction of breast augmentation surgery.

Cosmetic enhancement to a woman's breasts is sometimes a risky operation not because of the surgeon's skills but because of the unrealistic expectations and goals placed upon the surgery. Choosing the right cup size, circumference and overall shape and feel of new breasts is a life-changing decision and many breast enhancement surgeries are later reversed because of poor decision-making.

There was always the chance of making the breasts too large or even too small with the traditional methods of planning cosmetic breast augmentation surgery. Now there is new software available for cosmetic surgeons who specialize in breast augmentation that helps take away a lot of the guesswork.

There is new virtual 3D breast augmentation software called "Breast Sculptor" which is made by Canfield Scientific. The software is part of Canfield's VECTRA 3D surface imaging system which is designed to create three dimension photos and digital models of patients for a variety of plastic and cosmetic surgery needs.

The Breast Sculptor software is an affordable digital imaging solution that plastic surgeons can purchase and use for their clients who are serious about breast enhancement surgery. The software is designed so that patients have a more realistic expectation of their plastic surgery before moving forward.

The amazing part of this software is that it uses digital images, not just crude computer graphics. The patient stands in front of a rotating digital camera which moves around the patient and takes enough photos to build a three dimensional model of the patient's current body.

The Breast Sculptor software then build a 3D model on the screen which can be enhanced to the patient's liking. The plastic surgeon and patient can discuss different options and even view the model from different angles. The software allows for precise measurements and allows the patient and doctor to compare side-by-side computer generate images of her breast augmentation before the surgery has been performed.

Breast augmentation is one of the most common cosmetic surgical procedures performed each year. As with any cosmetic surgery, there is always so some doubt and concern on the part of the patient about whether or not the end result will live up to his or her expectations. With computer software being used by plastic surgeons to show before and after results on a computer screen a good portion of that doubt and uncertainty is sure to disappear.

Comments (3)

By Jennie H. on JUL 26 2017 @ 9:20PM

That's great to be able to see a 3D image of what you will end up with. I see a lot of great looking bosoms coming in the near future.

By Kendra M. on JUL 26 2017 @ 5:08PM

How hard is it to get reversed?

By Scott W. on JUL 25 2017 @ 9:00AM

Whatever can help you understand what the final result will be is a good thing.

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